Thursday, May 30, 2013

Randy Choate must have been thinking: Why can't I make a decision? No, the St. Louis Cardinals reliever was not struggling to get on the same page as his catcher, Yadier Molina. Instead, the lefty specialist has not been able to make a decision in his last 103 appearances. Confused? Maybe it would help if I said that Choate has not recorded a decision since July 24, 2011. Until last night's victory, Choate had nearly gone two years without getting credit for a win or a loss. While it's hard to imagine anyone topping Choate's non-decisive streak, it's been done by two players: Bobby Seay (116 appearances) and Trever Miller (121 appearances). In fact, Bobby Seay went six seasons without recording a decision (2001-2007). At long last, Choate is no longer an enigmatic part of the box score. After seeing a W inserted next to his name, Choate can call himself a winner for the first time in 675 days. 
The previously indecisive Cardinals' reliever, Randy Chaote

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